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These five letters have been on my mind and in my words frequently over the past while, especially as I have continued to think about how it relates to the work that I do with The Salvation Army in our little community of Listowel.


On a global scale, many would think about the immense power of someone like the President of The United States of America, and the influence that carries.


Recently we have passed the anniversaries of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and we consider the immense power that this devastating weapon gives to the countries who possess its science.


In my role I consider the power that information and choice provides.  I have been thinking about the immense privilege I have in serving our community, how much I enjoyed my job and the passion that I have for the ministry that God is doing through me.  That said, it is sobering to consider the power that possess in my role, as vulnerable people seeking help come through the door and trust that I will use my knowledge of the Food Bank’s resources to provide them and their families with the food that they need.

Power and powerlessness.

Each time a person or family comes to The Salvation Army Community & Family Services for assistance I hold the power to grant that help and to select what they will receive.  Generally they have very little knowledge of what is available in our back room and it is not within their power to access any of it without my approval.


The question that faces me is, how will I empower these individuals?  How will I provide them with knowledge and choices that give them dignity in the face of need.  Hopefully I do not abuse my power; even more so, hopefully I share my power.


Knowledge and choice are powerful parts of life that many in our community would take for granted.  We walk into a grocery store and are able to gain a knowledge of what is available to us and at what cost.  We exercise choice in selecting beef or chicken, carrots or lettuce, 1% or 2% milk.  In most cases we have the power to give one store our business or go elsewhere with our money.


How are those who are entrusted by their community with providing help to those who, because of their circumstances, have lost their ability to exercise these simple acts of power treating this simple issue of power?

How do we use our power?

How do we give power?

What value to we place on our power?  What value do we give to those we serve?



Happy Birthday!

As of 7:51 PM, Rachel Emma Waters is officially one week old.

Just born...

One week old...

Rachel had another weigh in this morning and the nurse was very satisfied that she continues to be a very healthy baby.

This morning she had her second tummy-time session and was able to successfully lift her head and turn towards my voice.  We continue to be amazed by our little girl!

Engagement Ring Prospective

Rachel wearing Mommy's engagement ring.

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